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On this page we have included some useful tools to help you with your instruments including a guitar tuner, bass guitar tuner and a metronome. There are also music sheets that you can open in your browsers PDF viewer and then save a copy to your local PC/Laptop or print off on your home printer.

Tab/Chord Sheets to open and download in PDF format

Banjo Tab PDFBass TabsChords PDFGuitar Music and TabGuitar Tab PDFPedal Steel Guitar Tab PDF    

     Acoustic/Electric Guitar Tuner

Click on Tuning Mode to select from, Standard, Drop D, 'DADGAD'

Open D / G / C, & Low C then click on dials to hear the correct pitch

       Bass Guitar Tuner

Click on one of the four dials to hear the correct

pitch for the E, A, D & G string


Set Tempo (40-200 bpm)

Then click on the winder to start/stop