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Guitar Tuition

Having guitar lessons from a qualified guitar tutor ensures that you are taught the correct way to play. Whether you are a complete beginner picking up a guitar for the first time or an advanced player that is stuck in a rut, ATL Music Tuition can help you achieve your musical goals. All levels are catered for and the guitar lessons are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, with guitar lessons tailored to fit each students individual needs. All styles of guitar tuition is provided from acoustic guitar with finger-picking and classical styles to electric and bass guitar with all genres of guitar covered.

The Basics: Correct Posture, Left & Right Hand Techniques, Parts of the Guitar, Learning the notes on the guitar.

Theory of Music is fully explained. Including Reading of Musical Notation, Scale construction. Chord construction including Major, Minor, Dominant 7th, Altered Chords. The Modes and their uses.

Ear Training: Repetition of Rhythm, Repetition of Musical Phrases, plus Chord & Interval Recognition.

acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Learn to play the guitar just for fun or take grade qualifications and get qualified.

Whatever style of acoustic guitar you would like to learn to play, ATL Music tuition can teach you the right way.

Acoustic guitar lessons are taught in half hour sessions, in a friendly and sctructured way.

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electric guitar

Electric Guitar

So you want to be the next budding rockstar!

Learn to play chords, scales, rhythm & lead playing, improvisation. Leading onto songs and solo methods specifically for the electric guitar. Learn to play the electric guitar for fun or go through the graded exam program as provided by The Registry of Guitar Tutors or the UK organisation RockSchool

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bass guitar

Bass Guitar

Learning to play the bass guitar requires dedication, time and effort. The Bass is not just a guitar with 2 fewer strings. It has a different scale length, tone & musical role. It also requires a different technical approach.  

Students will learn music fundamentals (reading on the staff, elementary theory, ear training) in addition to specific instrumental techniques. 

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Past & Present Guitar Students

Below are a number of YouTube videos of some of the many past students who have been taught by ATL Music


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