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  • Acoustic Guitar

    Acoustic Guitar

    Learn to play the acoustic guitar the right way! Classical guitar and finger picking


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  • Banjo


    Whatever style you want to play, whether Bluegrass, Folk, Classical or Irish, we can help you to achieve your goals. In a short space of time you'll be playing your first song!


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  • Bass Guitar

    Bass Guitar

    The Bass guitar is a beautiful instrument that compliments the drums and drives the bass tones of any musical composition!


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  • Steel Guitar

    Steel Guitar

    The steel guitar originates from Hawaii and is played quite differently from a normal guitar. With its unique sound and playing method, learning to play this instrument will give hours of pleasure to both the player and listener.


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  • Vocal

    Vocal Coaching

    The human voice -  the first, oldest and most highly developed and sophisticated of all musical instruments. Learn breathing techniques, pronunciation, pitching techniques and microphone techiniques from a profesional singing coach.


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I started playing the guitar on a self-taught basis. The problem was that I reached a level where from then on I could not seem to improve any further. That was why I decided to take professional tuition with Arthur. As a result I have become a more accomplished guitar player and have reached a level, which I could never have achieved on my own. My only regret is that I did not seek Arthur’s help sooner. On acoustic or electric guitar, if you are struggling to improve then I can highly recommend contacting Arthur James.
Richard Watson, Sutton Coldfield (Grade 6 RGT) Electric & Acoustic
I’ve been singing with Linda for 7 years. As a young girl, I was very apprehensive when beginning singing lessons. However, Linda made be feel extremely welcome and comfortable in her studio. She helped develop my confidence as well as my vocal skills, which has benefitted me not just within my singing but with other aspects of my life. Linda and Arthur are a fantastic duo. Every year, I am a part of the amazing annual show in which we raise money for a chosen charity. Always the highlight of the year!. I would recommend Linda & Arthur to anyone wishing to kick start their musical career. 10/10 all around! Thank you Linda and Arthur for the great times and I’m looking forward to plenty more! Thanks, Dina
Dina-Leigh Simons, Hinckley
I have been taking guitar lessons from Arthur for several years and have found his ability to explain in simple terms even the most complex of musical theory very good. He is very patient and makes sure that I understand a particular principle before moving on. He is very enthusiastic about music and teaching. Many thanks, Trevor
Trevor Bassett, Atherstone. (Grade 7 RGT) Acoustic & Electric
Hi I’m 14 years old, I play guitar, sing & also write songs. I’ve been learning with Linda since late 2014. When I started lessons, I was very shy and didn’t have much confidence, however Linda really helped me gain confidence. When Linda finds a certain singer/band that your voice suits, she will encourage that. I’m a big Taylor Swift fan, so Linda encourages me to sing her songs. I love my singing lessons and feel I take something away from them every week, and a big part of that is all thanks to the lovely person that Linda is! I 100% recommend Linda to anyone who wants to improve their singing voice!
Charlotte Sutcliffe, Hinckley
I have been having guitar lessons from Arthur for several years, and in that time have yet to ask him a question about either guitar playing or music theory that he is unable to answer. I can confidently recommend Arthur to anyone who would like to improve their playing. Thanks, Tony
Tony Horton - student since Nov 1996 - Grade 5 RGT, Electric Guitar
I am 19 years old and have been singing at ATL Music Tuition for the last couple of years. Linda is a great singing coach. She is very encouraging and is forever trying to push me to try things out of my normal comfort zone in order to extend my repertoire. She is an excellent teacher to all ages. Thanks for everything, Georgina.
Georgina Tuffen, Lutterworth.
I have always loved the sound of the Pedal Steel Guitar and Arthur has taught me to read music and play this instrument from scratch. Arthur has supported me throughout the years (started learning with Arthur in 2007) and I really don’t think I could have done it without him. Many thanks, Derek
Derek G. Birmingham (Pedal Steel Guitar)
I’ve been having singing lessons with Linda since the beginning of May 2015. In that time, I have progressed greatly in many areas of my singing & I have noticed a huge difference in the way I sing. It has given me a massive confidence boost! I cannot thank Linda enough for helping me continue to improve every week. She is an amazing teacher. Thank you, Chloe
Chloe Dawson