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Pedal Steel Guitar

At ATL, Pedal Steel Guitar Tuition is tailored to the individual. However, the main tuning taught is the E9th rather than the C6th tuning. All theory of chord construction and copedants are explained in detail. Learn to play Intros, Endings, Turnarounds as well as full songs. Also techniques such as Pick & Palm Blocking, Left Hand Vibrato & Control of Volume Pedal are fully covered.

New to this instrument? Steve Fishell explains how Pedal Steel Guitar works...

Useful Links:

12 string Pedal Steel Guitar TAB This is a 12 string TAB. Just omit the two lower strings for a 10 string.

Williams Pedal Steel Guitars - "Producing state of the art guitars that have been sold the world over"

Listen to the "Master" Buddy Emmons playing jazz with Lenny Breau on "Killer Joe" & his version of "Once Upon A Time In The West" where Buddy uses an E-Bow on the steel.

Paul Franklin Pedal Steel Guitarist - "Amazing Steel Guitar"

More info on the Pedal Steel Guitar.

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Dobro Steel Guitar

The Dobro steel guitar is an acoustic guitar described as a resonator guitar or resophonic guitar that got its name from the developer of this type of guitar, John Dopyera. In 1928, John set up the Dobro Manufacturing Company with his brothers Rudy, Emile, Robert, and Louis Dopyera where the name was derived from Dobyera Brothers which also coincidentally meant 'goodness' in their native Slovak language. Dobro released a competitive resonator guitar with a single concave resonator that had a distinctive circular perforated metal cover plate, with a bridge at its centre resting on an 8-legged aluminium support. This system was cheaper than competitor models and produced more volume. This type of resonator guitar is typically played resting on the lap and produces a very distinctive sound.

Useful Links:

Beard Dobros - "Great sounding Resonators"

Jerry Douglas - "One of The Best Resonator Guitar Players"

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