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Many people believe that the Banjo originated in the United States and in part this has some truth. What they are thinking of is the 5-string banjo which is the most widely used banjo type in many popular styles of American music such as Bluegrass, Dixieland and good old Country music! In reality the banjo originated hundreds of years ago, somewhere in the deep roots of Africa. In the early to mid 1800's, the travelling minstrel performers entered Europe and the British Isles and the banjos popularity spread. By the early 20th century, novel approaches to the instrument were developed, with the most important invention being the use of metal strings and a pick. 

Today, there are are 3 types of banjos - the plectrum banjo, tenor banjo and the 5-string banjo. The 5-string banjo can be broken down into two major types, the Open-Back and the Resonator.

If you would like to learn Ukulele or 5 String Banjo, ATL Music Tuition can help you achieve your goals.


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